Paul Cruse and then we'll go

A few years ago, 3 buddies (one, Chuck, a fellow alum) and I came up for a mid-week Purdue b-ball game vs Penn State. The other 2 guys had never been to a Purdue game, much less Purdue.

Of course Chuck and I had to take them to our favorite watering hole, ON THE PLANET, Harry's! I think we started drinking pitchers of Bass Ale about an hour before game time. Well game time came; "let's finish this pitcher, then we'll go". Half-time approached; "Hey, you guys ready to go? No, let's finish this pitcher, then we'll go".

Seems using the tix in our pockets had little value compared to the fun we had standing at the south end of the bar for 3+ hours (and we didn't get those tix for free). Also got to know our newest, bestest, now former bartender, Chris Paramatches (sp?). So we watched Gene's ball club win the game. We were still there when the after game crowd came in. We were still there when they went home. Around 1am we finally got up the motivation to leave, only because we drank the Bass keg dry!

Everytime I go to Harry's something funny, crazy, or mind-blowing happens. Hope it never stops! GOing UGLY EARLY - Paul