Harry's Around The World

Pics of from all over the world.


Pic's from Halloween


Pic's from Homecoming.

100th party down!

Cutter with friends and fun ...I used to live above Harry’s in the 70’s!

Harry’s menus from 90’s?

My husband graduated from Purdue in 1993. He just found these in his college boxes.

Backyard quarantine drinking

Sitting out back with family with my Harry’s pint glass.

Harry’s Made it to a Wedding in Big Sur

When you’re both Purdue grads, you know Harry’s has to be included in the wedding!

Boiler AAMB Drumline senior & the old man

Night before heading out to the 2021 Music City Bowl in Nashville. Stopping in at Harry’s for a few refreshments for good luck an unequivocal must. Bottoms up! Boiler up!

Visit from Robbie Hummel

Reagan, Robbie Hummel, & Kiersten Jewell Enjoying Thursday evening at Harry’s!

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