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Welcome to Harry's Chocolate Shop


In 1919 Harry J. Marack opened Harry's Chocolate Shop at 329 West State Street in West Lafayette, Indiana. The Marack family operated the Chocolate Shop as the only Soda Fountain near Purdue University well into the 1920's. Primarily serving fountain drinks and luncheonette items, they acquired a license to serve beer and subsequently liquor.

After World War II, Harry J. Marack, Jr. joined his father as full time proprietor and the Chocolate Shop remained in the Marack family until 1977 when Herschel E. Cook II purchased it.

Herschel, his wife Mary Traylor Cook and the Maracks are all graduates of Purdue University as well as former residents on South Chauncey Avenue.

Harry's Chocolate Shop has been known by many nicknames and experienced growth and renovation throughout the years, all the while remaining a favorite gathering place for students and alumni alike.

The Harry's Chocolate Shop® house mark and its other marks have also become over the years valuable national and even internationally-recognized brands standing for the warm friendships and welcome services, refreshments, entertainment and fun you come to expect when you stop in for a visit.

Opened as a family business in 1919, it has operated as so for more than 80 years at the same corner of State and Pierce Streets.


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