ISU Invasion on Purdue girls

Spring Break '88, my and 3 buddies meet some lovely girls from Purdue at S. Padre Island. One friend continued his relationship for weeks after, and we would travel to W. Lafayette on Wed. nights and be back to Bloomington/Normal, IL Thursday morning for classes. There were several of these trips, most ended up with visits to Harry's...while we would stop on the way in Pine Village at the pub to hear about football lore, we would arrive well prepped for a night at Harry's. The highlight of course is the wonderful song we learned at Harry's, and sang on appropriate occasions for years later....I can still sing it today and have passed it on to many. But the most refreshing thing about our visits is the hospitality of the Purdue/Harry's crowds, while we were there from a different school and were there for Purdue girls, we were welcomed, included and it felt like home. So, while the experience was great, the songs lives on and my buddy's are only distant friends on FB, the open arms and hospitality of the people/students of Harry's and Purdue leave a great lasting perception and reputation of the area!