I Practically lived at Harry's between 1987 and 1989.

I was on the five year plan at Purdue and graduated in 1989. You probably won't publish this because it is unsavory but here goes.

We spent every Friday afternoon at Harry's starting at about lunchtime. As upperclassmen we were able to schedule classes so that we had Friday afternoons free as we would never have skipped classes in order to drink at Harry's (if you believe that I have some imaginary land to sell you).

I always ordered the same thing, a sandwich called the spicy Italian and a bowl of chili. Delicious fare that I yearn for to this day. I was drinking one afternoon and late into the evening sitting opposite the end of the bar (near the restrooms) with my then Purdue girlfriend, now wife, when an insect (I won't say what type) came walking down the wall. In a boozy haze, I started chasing the critter with an almost full bottle of beer and it soon turned into an epic struggle between me and the bug.

I chased it all over the south end of the place and finally succeeded, with a resounding thud on the wooden table, in squishing it with the bottom of my beer bottle. The entire bar was watching and broke into a drunken and raucous cheer when I finally killed it.

It was hypothesized that the interloper had been planted by operatives from IU in an attempt to damage the reputation of our most famous hangout and couple of people even offered to buy my girlfriend and I a round of beers for defeating Bloomington Junior College's best efforts to discredit us. For a brief moment I was the most famous man in Purdue's most famous bar.

We live in Georgia now but make it back to campus for games a couple of times a year. Thank you for not changing and always being there for us. We can always count on Harry's. Andrew and Paula Drook Class of 1989.