Cold Day in January

So I go to Harry's the night of the Superbowl to have a couple of pitchers and watch the game. Is that really possible? To just have a few pitchers... I have found that difficult sometimes. Especially when you show up and there is a group of 25 guys there who want nothing more than to wake up the next day and not even remember they were there in the first place.

So I grab my buddy and we roll. 3 1/2 hours later our other friend has to come and get us. The boys had decided to buy round, after round, after round, after round...after round...of shots to celebrate this magnificent event they call the Superbowl. By the middle of the 4th quarter we had accumulated over 300 plastic shot glasses stacked to the ceiling of Harry's.

I am not proud to say I was there on that cold day in January, but I am pleased to say I was there to witness it and have the balance to stand up on the table and wobble that big worm toward the heavens with a glaze over my face along with a smile. Wow...