Broken Nose -- Love of My Life

It was September 1991.

We were seniors and several of my pledge brothers and I had no classes on Friday afternoons. Our tradition? Visit Harry's every Friday for lunch and then... This particular Friday was no different but yet it was totally different. After lunch and several pitchers of beer, my best friend and I started high-fiving every time we drank a beer. After several beers, I drank another, turned to my PB and said "Hit me man!" Well, his mind was confused, he misinterpreted the request, and hit me square on the nose. He was a former football player and has huge hands.

My nose was crushed. It moved from left to right...a lot! Blood was everywhere and I immediately got up and ran from the bar with my friend's girl-friend. She got me in the car, took me to St. Elizabeth's where they set my nose with NO pain medicine. On my way out of Harry's, I asked another PB to call this sorority girl I was to take on a first date that night.

This girl was someone I had wanted to date for a long time. In fact, I planned to ask her to the Greek Gala Ball. I told my PB to call her and tell her that I was sick. Like an idiot, he called and told her that I got drunk and broke my nose. Needless to say, no date that night or for Greek Gala.

So what's a guy to do? I decided to call this AGD that I met in Mortar Board. She seemed nice enough and I needed a date to Greek Gala. When I picked her up at AGD's, she came down the stairs and I thought wow. The evening was great, the ensuing months were great, we got pinned and then WE GOT MARRIED!

3 kids and 16 years later, we thank my PB for breaking my nose at Harry's! We love Harry's and have many, many fond memories.